Friday, June 01, 2007

The week-end is here

Well my posts have been few and far but here I am on Friday night. Work has been very busy lately. Lots of new projects on the go as we scale up the new recovery model. Well lets see whats new? PCLinuxOS 2007 final has been released and I must say it is very nice. This post is coming to you from my notebook running PCLinuxOS. I have discovered how to dual boot Microsoft's latest offering Vista. I found a little program called EasyBCD. It's freeware and works flawlessly. So I'm running a sweet dual boot. Vista uses a new boot manager and when Linux is installed as a dual boot using Grub to the MBR Vista disappears from the boot. The secret is EasyBCD. When you install Linux just install Grub to the /root partition and then reboot to Vista. Start EasyBCD and follow the simple instructions and your stylin with all that open source goodness. Don't forget to check out the new Ubuntu 7.04 it's pretty cool also. If you have an average computer (1 ghz or better and at least 256 of ram you can run a nice Linux distro. Other distros I have tried and work well are Sam Linux, Open Suse, and the new Mandriva spring 2007 is looking good. I must say I ran Sam Linux on a Pentium 733 with 384 megs of ram and a GeForce 5200. It proved to be a very sturdy distro. I used it for my main desktop for 3 months with no problems.

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