Thursday, March 23, 2006

Hey JJ this one's for you!

Another busy day here at the Mission. I grabbed a shot of four of the guys I work with. Carl, Larry, JJ, and Mark stopped for a minute to let me capture a snapshot. Bless you boys!

Monday, March 20, 2006

The Linux bug has got me bad

Just another snapshot of a new Linux desktop. This is Mandriva 2006 useing the KDE desktop GUI and slightly tweaked. Next II will upload a Fluxbox desktop.

The Mission Men

As you all know I work at the New Life Mission here in Kamloops. This morning as I was getting some shots of the renovations we are doing here I snapped a picture of two of my co- workers. Carl (in yellow shirt) runs the dayroom 4 days a week as the support/chaplain worker and Mark is our Kitchen Manager. They both have the un enviable task of learning to live with me so please pray for them.

Sunday, March 12, 2006

Bright Shiney One

He was the bright light at the local petting zoo. I could not resist Posted by Picasa

Jim packing his wing

My brother Derek flies with this nice fellow. I was driving back from Barrier and found him "wrapping up" his day so to speak. I had just missed Derek so we chated for a bit and I am looking forward to getting in the air this summer. Posted by Picasa

Dwighter Doing His Thing

This be Dwight. Dwight is truly a handy man. He can fix or build almost anything. Here he is doing the foor of the new reception area. Yea Dwight. Posted by Picasa

Here is another one of Bert and the gang at the Mission

 Posted by Picasa

The Open Door Fellowship

These are some of the dear saints of the Open Door Fellowship in Barrier. I was ask to come and share the Gospel and while I was there I met these great folks. We had a great time and some time I hope to return. Bless you folks. Posted by Picasa

The Wall

I was recently in Barrier to share the Gospel. This was painted on the wall of the school. It kinda caught my eye. Posted by Picasa

Al at work... well kinda...sorta

This here is my buddy Al he comes down to help us during lunch cleanup. Life at the mission can be very busy and Al helps keep us from drowning. Bless him all over! Posted by Picasa

Bert and the gang

Bert My old friend came to the mission with a bunch of international students. They raised a nice donation and came and did chapel and helped serve lunch. What great bunch of youngsters! Posted by Picasa

Monday, March 06, 2006

Change at the Mission..... Again!

It's lunch time at the Mission and I have a few minutes to lay down a new post. We are under construction here and things are upside down. We are going ahead with IHA to create a new medical centre. Housed here at the Mission we will have both dental and medical facilities. I am looking forward to having this new addition to our services. With all the construction the offices are moved and we are all trying our best to make it work.

Thursday, March 02, 2006

School at work

This is a little snapshot of our new learning centre in action. We have created a small classroom where anyone can come and get upgrading and computer skills. The Mission is growing again! Posted by Picasa