Friday, August 28, 2009

Back To Work

Well I just finished 7 days off and man I could use 7 more but as they say "suck it up buttercup" so off to work I go.

Snow Leopard Has Arrived

It's here; lets see if the upgrade can match the hype
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One Of Many

Here is a shot of the spotter aircraft getting back in the air.
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At The Airport

I took the dog for a walk down near the airport along the river. I watched the many aircraft coming and going to fight fires. And then a huge flock of gulls passed over.
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Fires Everywhere

This is the view from Aberdeen while we where car hunting. A local fire combined with many others in the region have made life here very difficult for those with breathing issues
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Cinnamon Ridge

Our local composting site is aptly named.
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Speargrass Launch

I drove up to Speargrass to retrive Dave's van after a early morning flight. By this time the wind had really picked up. The view however was as sweet as ever.
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Sunday, August 09, 2009

Changes, Changes

The Mission where I work is going through some huge changes. We lost one of our funding contracts a few months back. Several staff where laid off at the time and the ED looked for new streams of income, but to no avail. So we have had to lay off several more workers and really pair down to bare bones while we struggle to stay afloat. I have been chosen to stay on but I will be back in the position of Chaplain as well as my other duties. So I will a very busy boy until we get this ship back on track.

Where He leads me I will follow.

Amazing Grace

Wow it's been a long time. So much going on.

Recently a good friend lost his wife to cancer. She fought a courageous battle with her husband by her side every step of the way. While I did not know her well I know her husband. And I hope that if any thing like this ever befell myself or family. That I would be able to walk through it with the grace and endurance these two have displayed though out a long and difficult journey.