Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Harold Returns To Earth

This is a shot of Harold my flying buddy coming in to land on his second flight. He planted a perfect landing. Posted by Picasa

Another Birthday... In The Air!

Well another birthday has come and gone. I turned 48 this year. My gift this year was to pool my resources and take a paraglideing course. I drove down to Eagle Ranch and took the beginner course. www.flybc.org A fellow named Harold Sartorius and I hooked up to share expenses and try the course. We spent Friday evening learning to kite which is to get the wing over head properly inflated for launch. This proved to be quite a learning experience. I have all the bruises to prove it. Saturday morning was more of the same. We spent our afternoon doing more of the same and then came the call. Round up your gear we are going up the mountain. We scrambled into the van and pounded up the mountain logging road to the summit and upper launch. The view is and was absolutely marvelous. If you look on the site you will see a picture of it. I must admit I was scared spitless. But I trusted that my instructor was going to see me fly. Well I blew my first two launches both times I stopped running and tried to jump into my seat. Needless to say I landed on my butt with a wing wrapped around me. Well third time was a charm and off I went into the sky. I have to say it was about the sweetest thing I have ever felt. To be in the sky with just a few lines holding some fabric is awe inspiring. I cannot put into words the feeling you have. Suffice to say I plan on getting my own equipment as I can afford it and continue to learn this craft. We both got three flights in and I plan to return soon to get my novice certification.