Wednesday, January 31, 2007

The death of the Sansa

Well I bragged the virtues of my Sansa Mp3 player only to have it die one month after purchasing it. I read mt receipt and realized that it must be returned that day. So off I go to Future Shop. They where out of the 6 gig so I tried a 4 gig Creative Ven Plus. I must say it works well the sound quality is better, the radio has better reception. It's smaller and does a better job with podcasts.

Mid-Week Mornings

It's the middle of the week and much has been done. The mission has been busy place lately and the temperatures are going down. January is behind us so one more month of cold and we should see the turnaround. A dreary -7 this morning and already we have had to call the police to get a very intoxicated man off the road. Some time spent in prayer was much needed. It's good to get focused on what really matters. Loving and caring for the "un-lovely" can be difficult at times. At times it's hard to see the good in some of our people but I am reminded. "That to to the pure in heart all things are pure" Prayer helps remind me to look past behavior and into the heart. And those hearts are usually full of hurt. So off we go Living, Loving, Learning.

Thursday, January 25, 2007

January Blues

I just finished a busy shift at work and am relaxing to a cup a Joe and a few flying video's. The weather has been lousy to fly. So I wait for spring. I have been trying to setup a Linux server for the Mission lately and I must say I know nothing. I have found it daunting. My Windows experience counts for nothing here. With a windows box I can set it up in an hour but I spent most of the day with Ubuntu and still have not quite solved it. Hum.... flying ya flying.... hum.

Sunday, January 07, 2007

Sunday, Sunday

Well Sunday has rolled around again. It's evening time and I am chillaxin to a little tube while a reload my Sansa Mp3 player. I got a 6 gig. for Christmas and I have found it to be a great little player. Tons of features and good sound. I never though I would need a player with so much space but you change them much less often. I have found this player better than my ipod Nano in almost every aspect. I plan to walk to work in the morning hence the reload. The next few weeks will be very busy as I will be doing hockey tournaments every week end. We have settled in after the Christmas season. All is quiet on the home front.