Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Just Another Day In The Park

It it a good day today. Time to breathe time to think. A little John Hiatt on the cones and the sweet fragrance of peace creeps in. Music is such a wonder. Harry Chapin said it well when he coined the line "music it's been my greatest friend and my fiercest foe. Cause it can take you so high and bring you so low". I always like to think of it as math made fun. If you look at written music it is a series of sounds and silences carefully laid out in structures of time. Different beats with the silence as important as the noise. And when it all come together it is some kinda sweet.

Saturday, June 10, 2006

Dapper Drake Has Arrived

My Linux fever remains unabated. I have been waiting for the arrival of the latest Ubuntu. This latest incarnation is called "Dapper Drake" and I must say it is very nice. It is a nice evolution from "Breezy Badger". Funny thing with most Linux distros; they come multimedia crippled. After some reading I have discovered that this is due to legal reasons. But Thanks to some dilligent users two different scripts have been written for Ubuntu to download and install all needed multimedia codecs. One is called Automatix and the other is Easy Ubuntu. Both can quickly and easily add all the nessasary plugins for music and video. This is a reaaly nice distro and I would even say ready to replace "Windoze" for most users. Why you ask would you do that? Can you say no viruses, no spyware. This is Linux and so no problems in that area. It is stable clean and free. Oh did I mention free. Yes Ubuntu and many other good distros are absolutely free. Go to the Ubuntu site and do a little reading I am sure you will be amazed at what is going on in the Linux comunity.

Windows Vista Beta

Well Jackie downloaded the new beta from Microsoft and we installed it on the test mule I use for linux. While I'm not sure how the old girl feels about sharing a drive with Bill's OS here it is. It looks kinda cool but all the new stuff is alread out in linux for free.

Saturday, June 03, 2006

And So It Begins Again

And so it begins again. Devon the son of my brother Derek has recieved his grad present. a shiney hardly ridden Yamaha Seca II 600. A really nice machine. We spent the morning giving him tips and teaching him how to keep the shiny side up. We used the test lot for the motor vehicle branch and watched as he learned how to handle his new ride at low speed. He learned quite quickly. And here he is leaving for Dad's house on his first solo ride with Dad in tow. Good luck Devon and I hope you enjoy the new ride! Posted by Picasa