Saturday, April 29, 2006

You Just Never Know

Jackie and I where out for a bike ride the other day and we passed the skate park. Well I had to try and get a shot with her little Minolta Dimage Z3. While it's no 20D I managed to capture this shot. Not to shabby for a point and shoot. This kid could really fly. It's allways easier to get the shot when the subject is doing this. If you want to see this full size just click on it. Posted by Picasa


This here is a short video of my bride on her new ride Posted by Picasa

Strange light Strange Night

We had some strange weather the last few days. This night the light turned erie and the clouds where very groovy as you can see. Posted by Picasa


This a another shot by Kris. She seems to have the eye for it. Posted by Picasa

This Be Kris Be

My youngest was fooling around the other day and this a shot she framed Posted by Picasa

Monday, April 24, 2006

It's Monday

Monday morning came faster that you can imagine. The week-end has slipped away and back to work we go. No complaints though I love my job. We where able to get the yard in shape and clean out the carport. Tossed in a bike ride with Jackie with coffee & Cowboys. Oh ya had my bike stolen two weeks ago. Right out of the carport locked and all. They rode in on a bike, cut my lock and rode away. i was kinda bummed out but live and learn. I have purchased a new bike and it gets locked in the back yard. I found a very nice Gary Fisher model that seems to fit well time will tell. On another note my friend Cathlene Gilmor passed away and i am involved in her service tomorrow. She will be missed. I look forward to holidays this year I am taking Justin my grandson to Vancouver island for a visit to the ocean and his grandparents. I find I'm getting kinda tired latley looking forward to a rest.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Practice Practice Practice

Here is another look at the dynamic duo. Posted by Picasa

The Teacher and the Student

Sister Denise comes to visit us here at the Mission every week to play the organ and visit the ladies here at the Mission. During her spare time she has taken on the task of teaching Karl the guitar. We hope to enjoy the fruit of thier labour in due time. On the lighter side you will notice the color coordination with the sweater and the guitar. Posted by Picasa

The first broken bone

This is the hand of my youngest daughter Kristine. She broke her index finger at the joint while playing basketball. Doctor says tape and 4 weeks of rest will heal it. I'm glad it was not too serious. She was a real trooper and weathered the pain well. Posted by Picasa
This picture was taken later during the same walk. I have touched up the contrast and the saturation for effect. Posted by Picasa

The Wall

It has stood the test of time. A walk in the downtown area brought me to this old brick wall. A nice old wall. I thought of the story behind the the building and wondered who had laboured to build it. Each brick nestled into place by hand. Simple things to amuse an old man. Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

As you know I have been trying out various Linux distros and here is one of the most popular distros out there. It is called Suse Linux. it uses the KDE desktop. The learning curve has been a bit trying as there is a new language to learn. And while all the basic tasks are no brainers. Surfing email and chat are easy to learn, with programs like Firefox, Thunderbird, there is no difference. Messenger is replaced with multi protocol programs like Kopete and Gaim which where easy to learn and in my opinion better than MSN as there are no advertising. Photo editing and other tasks require learning new software choices like Gimp instead of Photoshop. While I have not mastered Photoshop I have become comfortable with it and Gimp has proven to be challenging. I am finding that I am using Linux more and more all the time and hope to make a complete switch soon. I will still need Windows to run Photoshop for working with my brother Derek. I do a little sports photography for him and we are setup with Windows. So for now at least I will continue to run a dual boot system.