Tuesday, April 04, 2006

As you know I have been trying out various Linux distros and here is one of the most popular distros out there. It is called Suse Linux. it uses the KDE desktop. The learning curve has been a bit trying as there is a new language to learn. And while all the basic tasks are no brainers. Surfing email and chat are easy to learn, with programs like Firefox, Thunderbird, there is no difference. Messenger is replaced with multi protocol programs like Kopete and Gaim which where easy to learn and in my opinion better than MSN as there are no advertising. Photo editing and other tasks require learning new software choices like Gimp instead of Photoshop. While I have not mastered Photoshop I have become comfortable with it and Gimp has proven to be challenging. I am finding that I am using Linux more and more all the time and hope to make a complete switch soon. I will still need Windows to run Photoshop for working with my brother Derek. I do a little sports photography for him and we are setup with Windows. So for now at least I will continue to run a dual boot system.

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