Monday, April 24, 2006

It's Monday

Monday morning came faster that you can imagine. The week-end has slipped away and back to work we go. No complaints though I love my job. We where able to get the yard in shape and clean out the carport. Tossed in a bike ride with Jackie with coffee & Cowboys. Oh ya had my bike stolen two weeks ago. Right out of the carport locked and all. They rode in on a bike, cut my lock and rode away. i was kinda bummed out but live and learn. I have purchased a new bike and it gets locked in the back yard. I found a very nice Gary Fisher model that seems to fit well time will tell. On another note my friend Cathlene Gilmor passed away and i am involved in her service tomorrow. She will be missed. I look forward to holidays this year I am taking Justin my grandson to Vancouver island for a visit to the ocean and his grandparents. I find I'm getting kinda tired latley looking forward to a rest.

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