Friday, June 01, 2007

Mac Mini

Well somehow I came home with a Mac Mini. Intel Core Duo 1.66 I matched it up with my 19 inch wide screen and started to get acquainted. Well you know me... I just had to tear it apart. I guess I should have taken pictures. Hum I guess I shall have to tear it apart again. Any way it became apparent that I needed more ram. It came with 512 so a quick trip to the CanadaRam and 2 gigs arrived the next day. Apple saw fit to put the ram under everything else so you need to really strip it down to get to the ram slots. Well after reassembly i realized I had not plugged the sound strip back in properly so it all came apart again. A quick reassembly and all was well. And the OS ran considerable faster. I will be spending the next few weeks getting to know it and will post my observations.

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