Sunday, June 24, 2007

Sunday Morning

The sun came up. Clouds began to form as it's energy warmed the earth. I could hear the tree leaves rustle as soft thermals let loose. The CBC filled my ears with the days news and I rolled over knowing I had that luxury. Coffee time! I nurtured a cup as I logged on to start my morning routine. I had spent some time the night before listening to some of Roseanne Cash's latest music. I have to say she has gotten even better with age. Very heart felt songs about life in all it's pain and glory. She has a way of bringing it to ya that makes you just stop and sit and listen. Thank God for the sweet gift of music and those who can say what we all think in such a satisfying way. As Harry Chapin once said in a song "music, it's been my greatest friend and my fiercest foe cause it can take you so high, and it can bring you so low".

I love these quiet Sunday's and my time spent with Jesus.

Well back to the dishes and laundry. And oh ya we flew yesterday but I have yet to retrieve my camera so more on that later

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