Monday, December 01, 2008

The PS3

So I go out and buy the PS3 to stream media to my home theater. After some messin around and adding Tversity to my Vista Box it mostly works. But here is the twist. While I bought it for the media streaming I was also prompted because of the BlueRay disc. So I hook up the PS3 only to realize while the PS3 has an Optical out my cheesy little Sony Home Theater had no optical in or HDMI. Hum so no way to get all that 5.1 BlueRay goodness into my receiver. Ok so I look around for a better reciever an find a out of box Sony for 1/2 price. I'm thinkin I will just hook up my speakers and I'm away...... not so fast I'm told. Your old speakers are 6 ohm and the new reciver you bought are 8 ohm so while it may work for a while but it will cook the speakers.... are we having fun yet? Ok so I need new speakers..... I look online and find a discounted set of Polk Audio. Are you old enought to remember the song :There's a hole in the bucket"? I would have to say I really understand that song now.... :-)

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