Monday, December 22, 2008

Acer Aspire One AA1

A while back my wife and I purchased AA1's the 160gig HD Windows versions. My wife is quite happy with her AA1 XP netbook but I am a Linux guy so I started a quest to find a distro that would perform well on this small Atom based netbook. After installs of Ubuntu, Mandriva, Fedora 10, and a host of others I was pretty frustrated. Most of the disros worked, more or less. Wireless seemed to be the biggest problem along with the card reader. I could tell you how long I wandered around the net looking for the Holy Grail. Many hours including repeated visit But it was a Google Alert I setup on my Gmail that gave me the best solution yet. It's called Eeebuntu Netbook Remix you can find it here It is a very nice looking setup as you can see.


Jo said...

So how does your AA1 play with Eeebuntu? Does it all work out of the box? Is it significantly slower than Linpus?

I'm asking because I'm frustrated by the limitations of Linpus Lite and I'm used to Ubuntu, but AA1s are slowed by the desktop version.

Calvin Jones said...

Theres a custom version of the Ubuntu Netbook Remix built specifically for the AA1 available now. I'm running it on my AA1 and everything works perfectly right out of the box.

It's called Linux4one and you'll find it here: (it's Italian, but scroll down for English info -- there's an English version available for download).