Sunday, February 04, 2007

Quiet Nights

It's Sunday night and the house is quiet. Jackie and I are just fiddling with our puters. I am patiently waiting for the stable release of PCLinuxOS I have played with the last two versions and the next one will feature Beryl and XGL These new desktops are very cool. 3-D with all the wow factor. I guess the difference with this and say Windows new areo effects is that it will run on older hardware. I have had it running on a Pentium 700 with 384 ram and an old Nvidia 5200 card with no problems. Not much else to do here in the Loops in winter. I am waiting for the weather to break so I can get a little flying in. It has been lousy for air time here but spring is coming and I think we are planning a quick trip to Mt. Woodside to see Jim Reich. I need to purchase a reserve chute and have it installed so perhaps in the next three or four weeks we will get down there. Other wise it's all quiet on the western front. Remember the three "L"s Livin, Lovin, Learnin. Buh Bye for now!

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