Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Another Week Flies By

You ever have those times in your life when time seems to be accelerated. Every time you stop to rest you realise a week or more has gone by. For me it seems it's every winter. Christmas time passes and hockey season gears up (photography) and the week-ends just fly by. Add to that what seems to be an annual illness that lasts from Jan. to March and three months pass before I feel like I can breath. Figuratively and literally. So I look spring. I have been using the electric bike to get back and forth to work. It's a bit cold yet but not so bad. As long s it's above 0 I can live with it. Walking has been out since Dr. discovered the reason for my foot pain. It seems my right foot has a fracture that has never healed or re-broken and has been giving me fits trying to walk or hike any distance. I have been referred to a foot surgeon for repairs but as you know that takes months. I have been told 3-6 which is not so long these days. So I wait and just keep doing what I can to stay active. Job is going well, lots to do. Jackie is doing well busy with work and learning how to record the songs she has written using Garageband on her new MAC. I am still working with the open source community and the GNU/Linux operating system. I have purchased a new Laptop with Vista on it and took a look but stripped it off and did a dualboot with XP and PCLinuxOS and openSuse There are many great distro's out there but these two are the ones I am looking at lately. I have to say exploring Linux has been rewarding and frustrating at the same time. Some things that are not given a second thought in Windows can make you crazy trying to figure out in Linux. Command lines and the like. But the open source community and all the wonderful software they write is wonderful. Any way enough for now. Later Folks.

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