Sunday, November 02, 2008

Re: The Casio Fiasco

Well after giving up on ever hearing from Casio they returned my calls many days later. The tech told me to send the camera to Ont.. So I packed it up and sent it along. Two days after that I get a call from a less than pleasant fellow who explained to me that they would not fix the camera and do not send it in again. I explained it had already been sent as per the techs instruction. We end the call with me telling the guy to keep the camera as it was no good to me broken. I explain the the camera will be my last purchase from Casio. A funny thing happens after that. I wait until the camera arrives at the Casio depot (tracking Canada Post) and I call them, as usual no one answers and so I send emails over the next 4 weeks again one one answers. Here is the strange part after 61/2 weeks the camera arrives back here fixed with a form letter telling me what a valued customer I am and how Casio stands behind their product. That it has been fixed and enjoy.... Well if that ain't a strange ending. My conclusion... this will be my last Casio purchase

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