Sunday, December 23, 2007

Doing Mac leopard OS

Well As you may have read in earlier post I bought a Mac Mini. After trying it for a few days I went online a bought 2 gigs of fast ram and tore the little box part and installed it. Because of it's small form factor it uses laptop ram. After watching a Youtube video it looked doable. All went well and It was running great under Tiger. But My wife and I decided to spend our anniversary upgrading to Leopard. Well things did not go well. I watched my wife do an upgrade instead of a clean install and all went well. My turn did not. I always do clean installs in windows and Linux but based on Jackie's experience I gave it a whirl. My first attempt ended in a stalled install. Second attempt worked but after a few hours I discovered that my machine was locking up if left for awhile and it was shutting my Time Machine back up drive down in the process. Nothing would wake it. Nothing except a reboot. Then it would not reboot or allow a re-install. I took several hours reading Google searches to find a way to reset it. Then a clean install and still problems. I was getting a little short thinking Tiger was the way to go. But While I was at work my wife did a clean install with nothing plugged into it. That worked. It has still crashed a couple of times and some times it will not wake from sleep. Tiger was rock stable. Leopard has a way to go. While I am not impressed with Vista I have to say Leopard has not been a great experience either. Time will tell if either of these OS's can match their predecessors in terms of stability.

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