Sunday, April 01, 2007

It's been awhile since I got a posting up so here we go. A bunch of Kamloops Paragliders dropped into Vernon for a little flying and a a reserve repack clinic. When we arrived it looked lousy but we hiked to Baldy (Vernon launch site) and waited for a break. After about an 1/2 hour we where rewarded with some good conditions. Les launched first in his usual clean and tidy style. Harold was next and this was his first launch from a reverse and after a bit of adjusting he got off. I was last which is a first for me as usually I am the wind dummy. But we wanted Les to let us know the wind conditions. I was able to get away on my first try. Tat was a relief as I have only done a few reverse inflation to launch. The flight was very nice, quite bumpy but a good learning experience. I landed within 10 feet of my target on my feet. And this picture was taken a few seconds later.
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